An Exclusive interview with MD of Seawaves shipping services by the chief editor of port  & sea magazine

An Exclusive interview with MD of Seawaves shipping services by the chief editor of port & sea magazine

Being on the right path

MD of Seawaves Shipping Services


                                                             About half of century of activities, experience and expertise in shipping industry including after revolution and imposed war, constructive period, first sanctions, burjam, second sanctions and daily efforts based on accurate planning and international standardization along with having expert and professional team members and also attending variety of professional shipping events have been the main reason for me being nominated as prominent sailor.

My interest in shipping industry since 1969 with academic education and obtaining BA degree in marine science from Iran and after completion of military service with marine forces in Abadan followed by travelling to UK and USA and receiving master degree from New York state college in marine transportation management.   

Seawaves shipping company has been one of the pioneers in private sector in Iran established in 1982 during Iraq war against Iran and I have been head of executives as well as managing director ever since.

Accomplishment and successfulness from my point of view would be professional and essential conducts based on international standards which have been my prior motivation without considering financial matters and rendering best ever shipping services towards our clients and knowing that commencement of our activities was concurrent with imposed war against Iran and attacking vessels from the air, we tried our utmost to continue providing services for our homeland.  

In my opinion, the secrecy of success in every aspect would be knowledge, willingness, diligence and updated info related to the industry by deploying scientific achievements.   

My most bitter memory is the missile collision to one the vessels under our agency in Kharg Island in the first weeks of war and causing damage to the ship as well as our services due to the lack of experience from our side and again air strikes had doubled our crises which with the help of God and coordination with PMO (port and marine organization of Iran), we managed to get over circumstances.

Now, my sweetest memory would be purchasing a small ship with 1,400 DWT general cargo from England which was a unique experience for private sector during imposed war in marine industry which ended up presence of private sector in global markets.

Subject vessel was sailing throughout southern Persian Gulf for dry bulk cargoes and she was also operated by Seawaves shipping.    



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