PMO ready to participate in joint commercial, scientific, and research activities in the region

PMO ready to participate in joint commercial, scientific, and research activities in the region

Message of Mr. Mohammad Rastad, Deputy Minister of Roads & Urban Development and Managing Director of Ports & Maritime Organization (PMO) on the occasion of Eight Intergovernmental Session of IOC Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO VIII)


Ladies and Gentlemen

The importance of oceans and their critical role in the life, transport and development of trades and fisheries of the human societies require no emphasis, and the Islamic Republic of Iran pays special attention to the potentials of such bodies of water, especially due to her adjacency to the Indian Ocean.

In the recent years, the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has achieved extensive knowledge and capability in this field, through conducting ICZM studies, monitoring and simulation of Makran Coasts, precise studies over wave systems, tropical storms and tsunamis, and establishment of vast networks to measure hydrographic parameters (including port meteorology, waves, currents, and tides), and thus paved the way for sustainable development of these coasts and promotion of maritime safety in the Indian Ocean by establishing rich and comprehensive databases of the relevant hydrographic and oceanographic parameters.

The exclusive and strategic approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Chabahar Port, through extensive investment toward its development as the largest ocean port of the country, as well as the expansion of minor local ports on the coasts of the Indian Ocean, verify the significance of developing these areas and making sustainable and optimal use of their capacities and resources.

I take this opportunity to announce the preparedness of PMO for participation in joint commercial, scientific, and research activities, as we believe the vastness of this region calls for the cooperation of neighboring States, establishment of international monitoring networks, exchange of data, installation of regional systems to monitor and record environmental parameters, or smart systems to facilitate maritime transport, which would count as effective strides toward optimal and sustainable use, maritime safety, and economic flourish of the region.

I would like to conclude by wishing success for all the participants, hoping the meeting achieves the desired objectives. My special appreciation goes to

Dr. Atmanand from India (for chairing the committee for two consecutive periods), Dr. Troisi from Argentina (the Periodical Chair of the IOC), Dr. Vladimir Rebabinin (the Executive Manager of the IOC in UNESCO, Paris), Mr. Abtahi (the Director of the Iranian National Research Center for Oceanography and Meteorology, for hosting this meeting), and all the hosts and guests in this meeting.

Thank you

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