Vaccination of 85,000 Iranian seafarers begins

Vaccination of 85,000 Iranian seafarers begins

From Saturday; August 7th (Mordad 16th), the national program for vaccination of Iranian seafarers will begin.

Regarding the latest status of vaccination of seafarers against Covid 19 virus, Changiz Javadpour stated: with the cooperation of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization with the Ministry of Health; The nationwide vaccination of seafarers will start on Saturday (August 7th / Mordad 16th). in some ports of the country, vaccination of seafarers has already started. The names and contacts of 85,000 Iranian seafarers, including ocean-going seafarers and marine partners, were provided and uploaded to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education system.

The seafarers' vaccination against the Corona virus is prioritized in such a way that age conditions are not taken into account. Given the difficult conditions in the field of maritime transport, and seafarers not always being available and to be vaccinated, the Ministry of Health accepted not to include age factor with vaccination of seafarers; Javadpour further explained.

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