Boost in direct transport of basic commodities from Chabahar port

Boost in direct transport of basic commodities from Chabahar port

Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan: in Chabahar port in average, 580 trucks a day, transport basic commodities directly from ships to the destinations in the country.

Regarding the clearance of basic commodities from Chabahar port with transportation from the ship to designated destinations, Behrouz Aghaei stated: In line with the extensive planning in the Ports and maritime Organization and proper coordination with the related devices and organizations, the process of unloading, weighing and clearing basic commodities needed by the country is carried out from Chabahar port by 580 trucks a day.

From the beginning of this year; More than 700,000 tons of basic commodities have been unloaded in Chabahar port and transported to the destinations around the country. Emphasizing that the transportation of basic commodities from the ship to destinations has a significant effect on reducing the final price and increasing the pace of transportation of goods, Aghaei noted that this procedure bypasses the stage of unloading goods in the port’s warehouses and facilitate the transport of the goods to destination in the shortest possible time.

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